GHENT / SINT-NIKLAAS – No camp for a year and a half. Not even training for a few months. But Meriton Karaxha overpowered Emanuele Cavallucci, the champion of Italy, and earned champion IBO International.

“Now, as champion, I will soon be able to travel to the USA, where my manager has planned an internship with Floyd Maywether, and try to make my dream come true,” the Waasland-Albanian looked ahead immediately after the win on points. So trying to win the vacant IBO title World.

Saturday night at the Brussels Gym Emergenci, with fifty attendees taking a negative corona test: Meriton Karaxha versus Emanuele Cavallucci formed a pleasant main camp. And what kind of. No round of study, the first one. Karaxha started at an insanely high pace, the Italian was surprised. Especially since he had stated beforehand that he did not understand that his opponent dared to step into the ring against him: “Still so young, no experience at the top level.” Now he didn’t turn out to be a do-it-yourself. “But you don’t say something like that, it was an extra motivation,” Karaxha said. The Italian had to undergo mastery after only three rounds. Meriton departed from a perfectly closed defense, plagued with rake series body and head of his opponent. He did force him to the limit, staggered to the end under the sledgehammer blows, but refused to crack. “Nothing better than winning that way,” Karaxha said after a blood-curdling camp that earned a packed house with 5,000 fans.

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